Friday, August 31, 2012

photo heart friday: let’s get married

My girl and I was watching TV programme and having little talks on the couch last night. I turned to her, pout my mouth and said “Mummy want to kiss kiss mei mei”. She got up and promptly planted a kiss on my lips. Then she looked at me and asked “Mummy, is it we marry?”.

Er.... hmmm..... ok...... she’s definitely not watching programmes suitable for her age hahaha....

My girl went on to say “Mummy, is it marry then we become family and stay together? I want to marry mummy so we can stay together always.”. Mummy said “Mummy don’t want you. You go choose someone else to marry.” “No mummy, I will choose someone else when I grow up. Now I am still young, I want to marry Mummy and stay with you.” Okayy..... too much TV programmes..... hahaha but STILL my heart melted....

Afterwards, I teased her with “Come, come, mummy want to marry you”, she got up and planted another kiss on my lips. Awww.... my babe, my daughter...

Monday, July 23, 2012

excuse me, how old are you?

Today is Monday, start of a new work week. I was on my way to office when I met the mum of my girl’s ex-school mate. Naturally we said “Hi”. At the same time, I can feel her looking me up and down and it makes me feel self-conscious. Ok, I wasn’t in my usual aunty garb of well-worn tee and 3/4 pants which I wear when I am doing my errands around the neighbourhood. Don’t get the wrong idea, I wasn’t wearing anything revealing or outrageous, just a simple plaid jumpsuits in blue.... a very short one. Finished off with a pair of loafers, a canvas bag and hint of pink lipstick. I admit, the getup is not typical of someone my age will be wearing. And yes, I am on my way to office. Our bosses are not exactly concern with what we wear to work as long as we are not in our pjs or birthday suites.

When my kids were young and still needing me to chase after them, I wasn’t too bothered with what I wear. Now that they are less dependent, I am finally able to wear what I like. And what do I like to wear.... sundresses, short flirty skirts, hot pants and 2 inch heels! Oh my, how I miss the heels! I am also seeking dresses of various length in bright, cheery colours. I am more adventurous now in trying new styles. I once read on someone’s blog: “Wear confidence and everything else will look good” So there.... I am wearing my confidence, not my age. It’s great to feel young.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

it was daddy’s birthday

We brought the kids to Changi Point for dinner. We had planned for a short stroll from Changi Point Boardwalk to Changi Village for daddy’s birthday dinner. The walk turns out to be longer than expected. Starting from Changi Beach Club, it was a good 30 mins walk (may be longer, can’t really remember). Luckily the kids were in high spirits. We took pictures and enjoy the sea breeze as we stroll along. At the end of the stroll, we brought Han to this semi enclosed area where the uncle rent mini motorized cars/bikes for a 20 mins ride at $2. This was the first time Han went up a bike. She was clueless on how to handle it, kept knocking into pillars and other mini cars. Daddy had to follow her the whole time she was up on the bike. It was very funny watching the two of them. We ended the evening with a sumptuous dinner at one of the kopitiam.

Here’s cheers to good health to daddy on his 42nd birthday. Be young and keep cool, ok? Where are we going for mine har?? *wink*  *wink*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

leopard: improved version

I was clearing some of my smart cards and found these clips: Han’s improved leopard crawl.